Venus Enters Gemini May 9th

Do you feel stuck? Keep pushing through these days, hard as it is. Make a list. That’s what I do. I make lists of my lists. 

Taurus vibration is slow-moving and solid. Good luck getting one out of his chair or his rut, unless he also wants to, and even then. How you use this energy is to marry it. Accept your capture but move your body. This is where we are and this is where we’ll stay until all the faster moving planets head to Gemini. Venus crosses the border tomorrow.

Last night I went to another poetry reading and it lit a fire under me once again. Finish that play. Finish those poems. Write more poems. Keep going despite the resistance, keep going despite the WALL, and if you can’t go through then go OVER. I swear tomorrow will feel different. It will start to. The early days of Venus in Gemini will be wings for us, escape hatches, portals. Life starts moving again. June can’t come soon enough. Gemini mind is always moving moving moving. More ideas. More options. Taurus Season, for me, has felt like dead weight. No offense to Taurus. It’s the opposition to Saturn in Scorpio that’s causing the sink.

And again the reminder to find the Eclipse point in your chart (19 degrees Taurus). Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, and  Mars in Taurus. Is it all in ONE house for you? Your life will be about THAT soon enough.

Ready for Gemini? Or is Taurus making you happy? 

Love, MP


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