Venus Enters Gemini April 3rd!

"venus in gemini"

I got my eye on you, Venus!

You enter Gemini in a couple days and you advance to 23 degrees of Gemini and then you retrograde on May 16th, not turning direct until June 28th but still in Gemini this whole time. Not bad, not bad.

You know, after the whole Mars in Virgo thing, almost any retrograde of a “personal planet” feels like nothing, feels not that long.

Still though you should find the Gemini house (or houses!!) in your chart and the relevant degrees, as well as your natal Venus and her condition. The clues are all around for how this transit may affect you.

Venus is love and Venus is money and Venus is beauty and vacations and taffy and courtesy and Venus rules Taurus, a comfort-concerned sign, and Libra, a relationship-concerned sign.

Gemini is the twins of course — and often of two or more minds. Restless, they say. Multi-tasking, chatty, fun, light, social, and cute! Gemini also rules cars, trips, your brothers and sisters, and when I see 3rd House transits (associated with Gemini) I also predict action on the business front!

Gemini rules thought, rules visits and visitors.

So find, please find, the Gemini sector of your chart because there will be quick-footed movement there and perhaps not a reversal due to the retrograde, but a re-visiting.

Remember that Mercury rules Gemini and Mercury will be in Aries, then Taurus, then Gemini during this transit!

Gemini also rules butterflies so consider your Venus in Gemini transit to be that pretty and carefree… meaning don’t forget this side of Gemini even if the retrograde period makes you feel jammed, confused, twitchy….  If you start to feel at a loss, then move your body. Fly.

And right as Venus enters Gemini, she will square Mars in Virgo and square Neptune in Pisces and then Chiron in Pisces and that leaves you Sag peeps to fill out the Grand Cross on some days.

Sagittarius, like Gemini, needs to keep moving, keep scheming, and dreaming 🙂

I’ll try to keep track of the more tense days for ya as long as I’m doing the Stars Today blog posts… but in the meantime, think of it this way:  mutable signs can be unpredictable, don’t know which way they’re going to go, and yet the gem of these signs is their flexibility, their adaptability.

Point being that no crisis is fixed here. Keep on moving.

Got Gemini thoughts?


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