Venus Enters Capricorn (Part Two)

"venus square saturn" Capricorn tends to be frugal or stingy (depending on your perspective).

This is a stereotype of course but I have seen it in action.
And I have also seen generous Capricorn!!!

We always have to consider the entire chart of course! (Which is usually impossible in a Tweet or brief Facebook post.)

I have seen the Mars in Capricorn people eat food that wasn’t so fresh anymore (understatement) due to this “frugality.” Why buy new cheese when the old can still be consumed?

And sometimes they will say: I am stingy with myself but not with YOU (or others). And sometimes it’s true and sometimes it’s not.

Thinking about Capricorn because VENUS enters the sign tomorrow and our collective Venus (our LOVE NATURE) becomes more serious i.e. FRUGAL.

Not gonna just dole it out to ANYONE.
Saturn restricts flow.

Will Venus in Capricorn feel restrictive to you? Maybe.

Perhaps you should wear a corset then. Match the energy.


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