Venus Enters Capricorn (Jan 23rd)

"venus square saturn" Thinking about Venus entering Capricorn (tomorrow).
Integrity. Dignity. Luxury.

You may or may not have any of those but you want them.

Which is making me think about the Venus Saturn square.
How squares take things to extremes.

Venus square Saturn is like Venus in Capricorn or one of the “nicer” Venus Saturn aspects but TAKEN TO EXTREMES.

Really serious. Really needs alone time. Really feels inadequate. Really worries about money.

But Venus square Saturn IS dignity and IS integrity and IS luxury.
Key is… to OWN IT. And show it. And be it. And not be AFRAID.

Fear = low vibration Saturn/Capricorn. Fear is the one thing we don’t need more of, and less fear = less seeking of what you want or need from others. Because you realize you have it already.


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