Venus Conjunct The South Node

"new moon in libra"I had a super fun in-person reading today. Two email clients, two pals visiting the city, and I had my trusty iPad with me and could look up charts on the spot and some aspects just talk to you VERY LOUDLY.

That’s how I felt when I saw a certain Venus Saturn aspect and that the dude in question could be so withholding and that combined with Mars in Leo pride, well… I hoped for the best for his relationships but felt worried.

Side issue but related: the feeling that you generate when you are in love, it’s YOURS. It’s your beautiful feeling. Someone inspired it, sure, but it’s yours, it’s you. It’s how you love. I just want you to know that. Because the next time you find yourself feeling lonely or uninspired, you can manufacture that feeling even if you’re alone and it’s real, it’s just as real. You look up at the sky and the stars and feel it. Or when you hear that song. And you feel the sky inside you, moving.

Think about how your Venus is aspected. Mine’s got a few challenges but also a lovely exact sextile to Jupiter. Big love.

One other thing: one of the gals I was talking to today has Venus conjunct her South Node. I’ve got that too. Such Venus (what is the plural of Venus?) do not, can not, should not go gently into that good night. You got to grow OUT of that Venus.

Think of it this way: Venus South Node may be the root, but  the pretty leafy thing that reaches up is possibility. Just remember to look up.

Oh. And one other thing. Stop telling the universe what you want your love to look like. And by “look” I don’t mean appearance. Because if you don’t stop stipulating your life all the time, you could… miss out. Leave some room.



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