Venus Conjunct Pluto: Zombies

I had a big day in the Big City. Was up early to begin my Readings and then went Uptown for this, that, and the other. It was raining.

Me and the gals (and our one dude) on the message board are talking about Venus Pluto.

I keep trying to find the right words and with Saturn transiting my 3rd House, words are sometimes hard to find.

I feel what I want to say,Β but… it’s not as though I can explain something by pointing to my heart. Β Or can I?

And I was about to ask someone a question (not from the room) when I realized it was not only a Venus Pluto question but a Venus Pluto feeling that was pushing me.

Venus Pluto PUSHES. Venus Pluto is hungry. Venus Pluto is what you feel when you want to CREATE something: art, love, a baby. I can’t put it into words because it IS a feeling. I could sing it. Maybe.

And you know what the highest vibration of (Venus) Pluto is? Letting it go. Not pushing, not forcing, not doing anything. Surrender. Death. Yeah good luck with that today. I pushed so I could get my answer. I asked the Venus Pluto question.

Love and death: Venus Pluto. The old lover come back to haunt you. Michonne in the picture above has the right idea πŸ™‚

What are you thoughts on this aspect?


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