Venus Conjunct Pluto: The Hunger

I want to caution you about the Venus Pluto conjunction happening this week.

Not exact yet, but I am FEELING THIS already and I have an injury to prove it. I overdid it yesterday. (Nothing a little Alleve can’t fix so no worries).

The conjunction happens in the sign of ambitious Capricorn and what I’m feeling the most about the goat these days is… control. SELF-CONTROL. Repression. Maintaining at. Keeping a lid on. OR ELSE God knows what will be unleashed.

The Venus Pluto conjunction though wants you BEGS YOU COMPELS YOU CAJOLES YOU to unleash your love, unleash your desire, unleash your sex. Venus conjunct Pluto in this sign (AND SQUARE URANUS) will threaten this so-called stability you worship.

For some this may be GLORY GLORY HALLELUJAH. A breakthrough. For others it could feel, well, embarrassing. Or exhausting.

Pluto goes to extremes. Venus and Pluto together? I’ll tell you what: money (Venus keyword) isn’t on my mind, but LOVE is. SEX is. Intimacy. Capricorn is work. Capricorn is the goal. Capricorn is NOT STOPPING. But sometimes you have to stop. Or somebody gets hurt.

Key is this: knowing when to stop because Pluto says DON’T STOP.

Obsession is a given this week. PASSION. And the unpredictable, volatile nature of Uranus in the mix could make for some surprising… surprises 😉 Not all bad, no not at all.

And if this isn’t about love and sex and desire for you, then what about your VALUES? Are they changing? What is important to you. Something in your world NEEDS to be shaken up this week.

As always, check your chart. Look for 9 degrees Capricorn. Look for 7-11 degrees of the Cardinal signs. Check your angles too.

Ambitious about what you want? Then you’re right on time. Just… moderation, okay? That will mitigate your overwhelm. I know some of you out there are feeling the nausea of desire and this is FINE. But apply some of that calm cool Capricorn balm. And take an Alleve if need be 🙂

Love, MP


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