Venus Conjunct Chiron: Don’t Let It Bring You Down

I know you’re unhappy now, but you can’t see what I’m seeing, the way out, that there is still MORE to come and I mean good things.

I think Saturn retrograde, already, has many of us feeling stuck. Mercury Retrograde too even though there’s a trine between water signs. Almost as though it becomes “easier” to feel bad.

As I type this, there’s a crazy person yelling in the alley, in my normally quiet alley. Case in point. Where you are right now is not ideal but hold on. Please.

(As I type these words I feel like I am channeling, channeling the same spirit/thoughts I always have, since I was young, words that comfort people. Maybe it’s time to finally give her a name. I’m thinking she’s a relative I never knew or one I barely remember.)


Last night I was writing about Venus conjunct Chiron in Pisces, not only in orb today but exact so we feel it and we feel it intensely and we peak, we ride the wave of despair and bullshit. We are sick of it sick of it sick of it. This is what I wrote:

What do you do with a Venus Chiron conjunction by transit? Is there a message in it for you? 

I would find that degree in your chart absolutely, 9 degrees Pisces. I would pray. We are talking about Pisces here.

And if you don’t pray then… find some way to connect with YOUR Higher Power, whatever, whoever it is. God’s ears will be listening. Transcend the pain of the past. Venus is coming to light the room and install a nimbus around your life, not only where transiting Chiron is for you, but your natal Chiron as well.  All you have to do is allow it to happen.

Remember this when you feel in despair today. Feel it. Connect to Spirit. And REMEMBER soon it will be time to fight, soon you will need your energy. Strengthen your faith, gather forces. After Pisces Season comes Aries Season.

The Sagittarius Moon squares Mars this morning, cranky confusion. How you feel and what you do, what you want to be doing are at odds. The Moon then goes void of course (at around 10:30, Big City time) and enters Capricorn at 7:14 pm. Back to work.

Tomorrow we have a whole slew of Moon in Cap aspects. Wednesday, Thursday, Friday actually look more harmonious to me than the beginning of the week.


Today’s Tarot: King of Wands. He is absolutely who you must be at this time and remember he is a King, powerful, authoritative, certain. He RULES. He defends and protects. He symbolizes your career (in many cases) and this may be what you are defending and protecting today, your rules.

I think sometimes we forget these basics when we read the Tarot — that a King is a King. And maybe there is an actual King-figure in your life that you must pay attention to today but he’s a benevolent king, Jupiterean, positive, honest, spiritual, strong.

I decided to draw two more cards. 10 of Wands, oppression. This is the King questioning his ruling. And then came the 6 of Wands, validation. Carry on. You will be rewarded. Clearly no need to worry. Don’t ruminate. Rule.


Yesterday along my travels I found a stationary store and bought a wonderful book to be my Book of Shadows and there may be spells and secrets to come, but I am beginning with Tarot done for myself or notes on Tarot done for others, along with New Moon and Full Moon thoughts… who knows what else it will contain…

Happy Tuesday

Love, MP



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