Venus And Pluto Together: In Or Out

Venus is trine Pluto today. Venus in Virgo. Pluto in Capricorn.

Trines are “good” — easy, flowing, lucky energy that we often take for granted because we don’t notice our good fortune. Know anyone like this?

Trines can be sneaky in this way. Making things too easy and then people look for trouble. I definitely know folks like this – everything is fine so they invent despair. Mind needs to keep busy!

Venus and Pluto in good aspect can be passionate without being destructive. Charismatic without being manipulative. Compulsive though (in my opinion) no matter the aspect but it won’t go over over OVER the top into danger (unless, perhaps, either Venus or Pluto are otherwise poorly aspected).

Reminds me a bit of Moon Pluto. Moon Pluto in trine or sextile will have emotional depth but… fewer highs and lows and scenes perhaps (compared to the conjunction or hard aspects).

Venus wants peace. Can Venus find peace with Pluto? Pluto is a threat to peace. Pluto is rape. Pluto forces you. Venus and Pluto living happily ever after is a complicated story but of course it exists because I’m sure I have readers and clients with all kinds of Venus Pluto shenanigans in their charts who are capable of love and relationship, which is Venus’ domain. Share your experiences in the comments.

I have a Venus Pluto semi-sextile but will save *that* topic for another day. Far as today goes? It IS a good day for love, sex, passion and power. Not bad for a Tuesday. If it sounds like “too much,” fear not. You may not even notice. It is a trine after all.


Love, MP


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