Venus And Pluto Conjunct in Capricorn

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venus and pluto conjunct in capricorn

My boyfriend stopped talking to me the other day. And there was some build-up. It wasn’t completely out of the blue. We had, shall we say, opposing um needs.

And yet. It’s the thing I haven’t been blogging about. Thinking about. Moping about. But not really writing about. Well, dear readers, star gazers, the time has come.

No, no, no, no secrets revealed. No walk of shame. No pictures. No names. Just this: Venus and Pluto conjunct in Capricorn… still in my 4th House but hell if this ain’t a 5th house transit blah blah blah. Blah.

And if silence is golden then I’m Fort Knox.

But as I said to someone last week, this is the best break-up we’ve had yet. And she laughed. That we’d had so many I could categorize them.

I spoke too soon though.

It’s been three days! I shrieked. Three days ain’t shit, she said. Felt like a long time to me.

Toilet paper, paper towels, cat food and litter, Chinese take-out: the single life quotidian. North Node in Pisces in the 6th House finds joy in the daily. Right?

But North Node in Pisces conjunct the 7th House cusp merges submerges sacrifices and dissolves in love, the partner, the other.

And then heads out again to buy more paper plates, soy milk, tea lights for the upgraded altar. Marlboro Reds ahhhh yes.

Venus in Capricorn is not doing ALL that much in my chart at the moment. But she will oppose my Sun, my Mercury, my Mars: 5th House to 11th House: love and dreams and dreams of love. And love. And dreams. And dreams. And love.

Did I mention love and dreams yet?

And then there’s the Grand Trine I’ll get when she trines my Saturn and trines my Moon and Pluto while opposing my Cancer stuff. Hmm.

It will be good. Whatever happens next? It Will. Be. Good.

What is Venus in Capricorn doing in your chart? 

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