Venus And Mars Together Again: Sextile!

"moon pluto"
Robert De Niro has a Mars Venus sextile (pictured with Martin Scorsese)

Good morning fellow stargazers!

Venus and Mars sextile today in the sky. I wish I had this aspect. These folks (and yes, the Venus trine Mars folks as well) appear to have no trouble attracting romantic interest. Now, it doesn’t matter much once you’re hooked up. I mean, how many people do you need? (Don’t answer that ;))

I also find them to be good-looking or at least very appealing in some way. They draw people in. Venus is our power to attract.

Now, transiting Venus is in picky analytical Virgo and transiting Mars is in sensitive cranky Cancer but who the fuck cares? It’s a good aspectย between the love planet and the sex planet and people gonna want choo!

You can look in your own chart for the houses where these folks are transiting and then go one step further and see if your own Venus or Mars isย involved in the transiting aspect. Go on. Take a look. I’ll wait.

(Cue theme song to Jeopardy or game show of your choice.)

What did you find? What did I find? I’m having my Mars Return ooh la la.

Sextiles, they say, need work. They don’t have the automatic ease and flow like trines and I find this to be true. Sextiles make a person pleasant ๐Ÿ™‚ Like me. I have loads of sextiles. I am fucking pleasant. Unless I’m hungry, tired, cranky, etc ๐Ÿ˜‰ Nevertheless, sextile = good stuff.

Do you have sextiles? What do you notice?

Also, the sextile shows a capable mind, marble-smooth, a sort of balance to the thinking. Sextile-types enjoy thinking. They may not get all their projects off the ground. They may enjoy thinking about them so much, or worrying about them so much, and may not have trine-like luck to assist. But with some self-awareness and hard work, the sextile should begin to manifest here on earth and not just in the mind.

Thoughts? Discuss!

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