Use Your Peripheral Vision (Advice For Hard Transits, Hard Times)

"moon pluto"
turn those squares into trines

I promised I was going to give you my Hug the Crystals blog post 😉 A message to help me, and others, dealing with irritating gnawing transits that make you want to gouge out your eyeballs or walk in front of a speeding #7 train. So to speak.

So here’s today message: use your peripheral vision. See, the thing you think that will help, or, actually, the thing that you are used to doing when you’re in pain may not be the thing you need to do. Make sense? 😉

What you need to do is go sideways. (Oh jeez I just realized I’m using a crab metaphor and I’m a Cancer). But let’s say you are Virgo and you worry. Well, worrying won’t solve the problem. And let’s say you are a Pisces and you deny. Well, denial could get you in trouble. Instead, use your peripheral vision. Look sideways. There’s something you’re not seeing. It’s a blindspot. It’s a different way. And yes, it could be related to the signs that square your Sun sign or your Moon sign. So try that. Instead. Of. What. You. Normally. Do! Sit still. Sit in meditation. Wait for it. Let the pressure out. Get quiet. All that stuff… will help. Will clear your energy so that ENERGY can come in and solution, insight can show up. Now, I’m not talking about denial or avoidance. I’m talking about making space. In Shamatha meditation, we don’t sit with our eyes closed. We sit with our eyes in a soft gaze.

Do not drown in your habitual response to fear or pain or change. There’s something else you can do.

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