Uranus Through The 8th House (Part One!)

Someone wrote to me with a question about her Uranus transit. Uranus through the 8th House. I’m having this too. The first thing I think is (here is an example of my astrological thinking):

-what does Uranus mean? And then I think: what does the 8th House mean? That’s the first equation.

My favorite Uranus keyword is LIBERATION. (And you know what? I try to be professional and all but I’m real tired as I type this so I may just do Part One right now and more about this tomorrow…)

Think of Uranus as SETTING YOU FREE. Think of the 8th House as… a different kind of prison than the 12th House but a prison nonetheless. Does this sound strange to you? To think of the 8th House this way? Not as all thrilly taboo and sexy? Well, I have my natal Chiron there. 8th House matters HURT: sex, death, debt.

Uranus transits in general are setting you free although it doesn’t always feel that way. It often feels like the Tower card in the Tarot: shocking, frightening, falling. Towers which have to fall. Truth coming out.

Uranus through the 8th is freedom from… what scares you MOST of all.

Where is transiting Uranus in your chart? 

Love, MP


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