Uranus Stories. Got One?

Uranus is up into all kinds of mess these days.

Squaring Pluto and Jupiter and when Mars hits Libra for that extended stay in 2014?

Yeah, you got it. Cardinal Grand Cross.

I don’t want to go global though at the moment. I want to talk about Uranus energy itself.

When I see charts with this energy real strong I see a magnetic personality, lots of sex appeal, totally out of the box creative, the kind you notice in the kid FROM DAY ONE.

But the energy itself BY TRANSIT is something else.

And I wrote in one of the chat rooms today that Uranus and Neptune and Pluto scare the hell out of me.


In the last 24 hours, the Moon in Aries conjoined Uranus ON my natal Chiron in the 8th House so I turned to Stephen Arroyo, who I often turn to for comfort wisdom these days and he talks about how… for the individual… we may not even FEEL the affects of this outer shocker/destroyer/liberator until WE have reached a certain… spiritual awakening point in our own lives.

Uranus glitters.


Are you still standing?

Full Moon in Pisces + the Pluto station has knocked a lot of us around. What say you? If you are reading this now, then you made it. And maybe you are smiling. Maybe things are good where you are. I hope so.


Lately I’ve been thinking about what class to teach next.

I had notes on  a Jupiter class, and it was going to focus (some) on prayer and faith and mysticism and how we NEED Jupiter to heal but something clicked for me today and it was a sudden whoosh (very Uranian) and my focus changed so this is an invitation.


I will likely use Arroyo (and hmm maybe a couple others) as my guides and my guides then always lead me to my own discoveries.


As I was saying above. I/we experience Uranus in other people as magnetism. An even fanatical type of attraction. Drawing people to them, wanted or unwanted. They are like  brilliant diamonds. That’s how it makes me feel when I think about Uranus, say, at the top of someone’s chart. Like 1000 reflecting pools. Like the Star card in the Tarot. Glittering seas (to quote Sylvia Plath).

But the transit is this bolt from the blue, this CRASH, rashly upending what you held to be true (but all along you knew) and the wee people scramble to make sense of what just happened. A Godzilla moment. 


Awakener, The Liberator. Higher Octave of Mercury. Psychic and intuitive. The FLASH OF INSIGHT. Many psychics have a Mercury Uranus contact in their chart… but Uranus is chilly. Not needy like the Moon. Not peace making like Venus. Not even hot like Mars. URANUS DOES NOT CARE. Isabel Hickey wrote that it was the one planetary energy that we could not control (although she eventually added a Pluto chapter to the book). And maybe that’s why those diamonds are so thrilling. They are more alive than any of us. I can’t get away from this diamond/glittery metaphor because that is how Uranus FEELS to me.


Another Uranus story. I can’t remember if I was in class. No, it was a reading with my old astrology teacher and I think we were coming up on a Jupiter Uranus transit of some kind and he said to me that Jupiter Uranus is MAGIC.

And then there’s another story making the rounds these days which associates Uranus with trauma. Uranus the rule breaker. Uranus the tragic.


I have three personal planets in the 11th House, including my Cancer Sun. My natal Uranus is at 4 degrees Libra in the 1st or 2nd House (depending on House system. It’s close to the cusp). Stands alone in my chart pretty much, but trines my MC.

One could say it’s part of a Yod if you include points and asteroids in Yods (some do, some don’t) but that’s another story.

I was reading Isabel Hickey just now and she reminded me of me because sometimes I do readings for people and I can’t always trace how I found what I found and why. Virgos and other earthy types often want the map but the map is “up here.”


“Mercury is intellect and Uranus is Intuition. The intellectual finds it difficult to understand the intuitive person. He finds him frustrating. The intuitive has reached his goal but do not ask him how he reached it because he does not know. the logic and reason of the intellectual individual concerns him not at all. He knows, and knows that he knows.”


Freedom. Impersonal. Inventive. Nonconformist. Progressive. Radical. Rebellious. Erratic. Detached. Fanatic. Impulsive. Irresponsible. Combative. Original. Genius. Reformer. Idealist. Intuition. Perception. Pioneer. (Hickey’s keywords).

Let’s stop here. Let me know if the class interests you. I’d get it up and running late September, early October. And we can learn together 🙂

Love, MP


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