Uranus Square YOU: The Liberation

"uranus square sun" Uranus is squaring my Sun

and my thoughts over the last 24 hours surprised me —

the thoughts came and the thoughts went and the rebirth came and here I am, new.

I made a decision that I don’t think I’ve ever made before.

It was an epiphany, a knowing, not an intellectual position or a “is this good for me or bad for me” type decision.

It’s rare for me to feel this clear but feel it I did and mostly (mostly) without regret. No. No regret. Even the right decision can sometimes bring a half second of melancholy pause.

I don’t know if you can prepare for the radical, but knowing that Uranus is coming to you (squaring your Sun or Moon etc etc etc) you can at least be sure that you will change.

All the big deal transits do this of course but Uranus has this slamming reputation, doesn’t it? Especially if it’s caught up in an ugly transit web in your chart (and I hope it’s not). If Uranus doesn’t rule evictions (getting thrown out of ANYTHING), then it probably should. But I do not know if you can prepare for the radical. What can you do? Listen. You can start your day with meditation and end your day with meditation and you can connect deeply because otherwise why else are you here.

What is this all about? It’s all about me announcing on my Facebook that I am pretty much done with romantic relationships plus adding that this didn’t make me feel sad but free — and pondering what now I would do with my wild mind and time once no longer weighted down by desire and longing for Someday My Prince/ess will come.

"Uranus conjunct moon"And also not creating a vacuum in order for it to be filled but delighting in this freedom. Freedom from The Search. What a huge huge relief. The idea of never having to go on another blind date or internet date or wonder whether “he will find me pretty.” Or “enough” of something. Or “not enough” of anything. Words can’t really express it except that I’m done and particularly done putting myself up for review. I am off the market. Not because I’m taken. But because I’m not.

So now what, Uranus? Now what. What sort of Tarot readings will I give myself now? If I’m not looking for love, then who am I? If I’m not supposedly perennially unsatisfied because my bed is empty, who I am? Well you know what? My bed has never been empty because I AM THERE.

I am not saying my choices should be yours. My chart is not your chart. I am describing my thought process and Uranus squaring my Sun and Uranus in my 7th House in my progressed chart and that it is possible to make discoveries and…

Now everything else can begin.

Know what I mean? I think I’ve been (half) waiting all this time, all these years – even thought I was doing stuff, building my work, getting well.

And see if only you would join me on my Facebook, you could be part of the conversation 🙂

One more thing, a prediction for myself: I expect temptations to arise when Jupiter transits Capricorn but that’s five years from now and who knows what life will look like then so until then… it will be very interesting.

The main thing: don’t be afraid of your life, no matter the state of things 🙂 Live your life. Create your life. Be in it. Don’t just observe it. Participate in it. Don’t wait to live. Don’t wait. But you must figure out what living is for you. For me? Jupiter is transiting my 12th. I’ve got a stack of books a mile high, occult books, to dig into before Jupiter leaves my 12th. I’ve got a home and office, work, to manage and animals to tend to and…

Are you under a Uranus transit? 


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