Uranus Square Pluto: Liberation, Synchronicity, And You

"uranus square pluto"Synchronicity. The word is from Jung, right? I’m no expert. That’s why I’m asking you 🙂 and I have merely a layman’s understanding of the term and maybe what I’m about to describe is NOT synchronicity at all. Yet the word came to mind.

So this morning I posted about the 8 of Swords. And it was an insight that I got out of bed to write down. Hours later, I was on the train. And I realized that what I thought the 8 of Swords post was about for me… well… I was wrong. I was looking in the wrong direction.

You know what? A person can spend years building building building building something that they do indeed need to build and yet completely ignore the other thing. Over there. That thing. Which is also. Broken. And you try band-aids. And Burts Bees. And prayer. And hiding. And Tarot readings. And then one day… BOOM. 8 of Swords moment. The burden on your back is not what, who, you thought it was at all. The revelation is cutting and clear.

And the pain is suddenly gone. Your back is no longer under attack and yet… there is still work to do. You’re still in the same place but NOW YOU KNOW and can take action.

And this: the 8 of Swords leads us to the 9 of Swords (can’t sleep what the fuck do I do) which leads us to the 10 of Swords ( I’m on the floor, good as dead) but oh yes, kittens, that’s the darkest before the dawn card.

Maybe you can think of the 8, 9, and 10 of Swords not just as a progression but as ONE MOMENT. And you are going to get free. The ropes, the blindfold, the Swords… it’s MENTAL. I don’t mean you’re crazy. I mean crazy-making. And that you aren’t as trapped as you think you are.

Step by step is what I tell people. Get away from trauma-mind which is “it has to happen now or else I will DIE.” Get away from that intensity. Hold still. Hone in on your Pluto. Yes, your Pluto. Your will. And repeat after me: Yes, I can.

Can what? Can live where you want. With who you want. Love who you want. Can be SAFE. Can be happy. Can seek meaning. Can dislike, can have preferences, can HATE. Maybe you hate green beans. Well, don’t eat them. Can make choices that are about YOUR NEEDS and your life, more than sacrificing for… who?  Who have you placed above you?

And when others come to tell you that you’ve got it wrong, that you aren’t serving them? That you aren’t being good enough, hiding your light enough, contracting enough, sweet as pie enough… Well, that’s their Sword. Not yours. And the more light you stockpile, the more you may have this problem UNTIL you stop… being afraid to live your life. That’s the sweet spot of the Swords for me.

Uranus square Pluto (by transit, in your chart) can feel like you’re being crushed, and it alternates, Uranus-fast with Pluto ungodly slow.

Pluto goes direct next week. Get ready to move.


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