Uranus Sextile Jupiter? Maybe

I was on the message board with the girls (and our one boy) trying to explain something that I’m feeling, experiencing, and having a damn hard time putting words to it but forcing myself and this is definitely PISCES. There are no boundaries right now. NONE. Everything is coming through to us. Even more so with the void of course Moon now. If you want to ask the Gods something then please go right ahead. You will get an answer.

The feeling of fate. Of looking your future in the face. Feeling it, seeing it. And you don’t have all the details. And it will take as long as it will take but you KNOW. You know something. And it’s a nerve wracking feeling actually. It’s not warm and fuzzy. It’s at an extremely high vibration this type of knowledge is so… our bodies can’t really absorb it. We just come away from the experience with “knowing” and feeling a bit buzzy jangly out of sorts.

Pisces is the key to the Akashic records. Pisces Season (and the Sun isn’t even there yet) is when we are the most free to receive and how much we understands depends on our ability to sit still and stop shifting but… NOT shifting is out of the question because the vibration is so high and it literally pushes our body around.

You feel this feeling in an instant. And it’s like everything slows down and speeds up at the same time. The image I get is of cillia. Tiny hairs moving at this incredibly rapid pace.

And the tendency is to talk yourself out of it or analyze or build a dream or a story around it but you should not. You should just let it be there and if more details want to come through, then let them. Without adding to it.

It’s like looking into the face of God by which I mean it’s you seeing/feeling your future, your fate thus it is overwhelming. It’s even a little painful as I was trying to describe above because it’s so yin, acute, fast moving, electrical. t’s not settled in the body, in reality yet. It hasn’t manifested yet but it’s pointing at you.

Uranus sextile Jupiter? Maybe. Uranus is sudden insight and the future, and Jupiter is also the future (Jupiter rules prophecy).

I am wondering what messages, if any, you are getting these days 🙂

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