Uranus Retrograde &The Six Of Swords (Again)

I know what I’m supposed to write about. Uranus slowing down and then going retrograde. Mercury being retrograde at this time too. Also Neptune and Pluto: RETROGRADE. And Chiron.

How I *feel* about all this:

life IS moving forward but it’s unfinished-business-moving forward. CONTINUATIONS. Do the retrogrades signify a “coasting” energy? Mmmmmaybe.

Again I think of the 6 of Swords card — but they haven’t started crossing the water YET. They are at the edge.

July 17th: Not only does Uranus GO back, but Jupiter is trine Saturn. And Jupiter is trine Neptune. And Mars is conjunct Jupiter (not exact but…). Trines are blessings. We take them for granted.

So if you think this is the last stop or the end of the road, you are wrong. No resolution. Does this bother you? Good. No firm outcome from the Tarot. No prediction.

Do what you can. Sing. That’s what I’m doing as I type this. The figures on the Six of Swords could be singing too as they cross the water, as they wait to cross the water.

Was talking to a client today. It’s winter in her part of the world. It’s summer where I am. Slow, stagnant, stinking summer. What will make you feel free? Get out, no matter the weather.

Retrograde planets don’t mean quicksand or lack of invention but perhaps you could, for once, sit still. Yes, I realize I just told you to get out AND to sit still. It is not a contradiction.

What’s your experience of retrograde planets? 

Love, MP


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