Uranus Power!

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You know what? Sometimes… sometimes energy just shifts.

Think of Uranus as the Great Shifter. The Great Abrupt Shifter. Think of Uranus as your energy as Uranus is associated with the nervous system and electricity! IT MOVES YOU. (And moves through you.)

Uranus stays in a sign for 7 years and then makes the change and says “Yer coming with me!”

The energy shifts.

I felt a shift yesterday. It was Uranian i.e. out of the blue. Didn’t expect it. It was, well, like magic!

It was a conversation I had that… set this shift in motion I believe. I wasn’t planning it or trying for it. It happened. Uranian. Just like that… like.. catapulted.

Like I was in Timbuktu one moment and then in North Dakota the next. It was THAT FAR APART.

I’m still reeling. Because I try to go BACK THERE, I try to go BACK to the way it was.

But it shifted. There is no longer any BACK to return to!!!

Freak out!

The train changes tracks and your new life begins and you have no time to process it’s just All Different Now.

My progressed Moon in Aries is conjunct transiting Uranus now and both are opposing my natal Uranus ooooooooh mid-life transit!

So I think this will be my theme for a while. The thing you cannot prepare for. Chains unchained.

Are you having a Uranus transit? How’s that going for ya? 

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