Uranus Opposition Uranus: Not Done Yet

"uranus opposition uranus"

Uranus opposition Uranus: a famous mid-life transit. I’m going through it now. Are you? 

And how I’m feeling is that I’m Not Done Yet.

Sudden surges of energy desperate for experience: I want this and I want this and I want THIS. It’s a greedy transit. My progressed Moon is also in Aries, hanging out in my natal  8th House of “how I get my needs met.” No wonder!

Your progressed Moon will alert you to some NEW NEEDS. Think about it 🙂

Other keywords and phrases for this transit for me and for maybe you too: feeling edgy, wanna do stuff, wanna make changes, wanna break it all down and start over. How extreme and intense it is will depend on your chart. I have a lot of Cancer and Virgo energy so thrills and chills for me may be mild compared to a wilder constellation.

I told a friend today: I’m hungry for experience! Like what, he asked. Let’s go to the Science Museum, I said! Let’s visit my sister. Let’s DO STUFF!

Yeah. Cancerian thrills and chills: visiting family you haven’t seen in years. Austin here I come??

Are you going through an interesting transit? 

Love, MP

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