Uranus Goes Retrograde + Chapter Two: MoonPluto In Love

"jupiter in virgo" There is so much I want to write about and I feel like I can’t yet. Not yet. And I am hoping I don’t forget. I am hoping all my good material doesn’t go to waste. I was saying in the chat room that I need to blog, that it’s been a while (although I finally did yesterday) and a gal said she likes it when I start with my Daily Life and go from there. Well, that’s what I can’t write about. And there is so much, so much I want to share.

So I’ll write about The Stars. And share bits and pieces and here and there and nooks and crannies and someday. Someday things will be different and the stories will come pouring out of me, probably edited by then for Jupiter (story) in Virgo (the editor).

Uranus is the “higher octave” of Mercury and Uranus goes retrograde tomorrow (the 26th) so you may experience some Mercury retrograde type situations or people but at a HIGHER FREQUENCY. Know what I mean? Sudden. Surprising. Fast. Everything changes or things just look different.

Also, Venus is now retrograde at 0 degrees Virgo and heading back to Leo and here I was getting ready to come OUT of hibernation (coinciding with Venus entering Virgo and out of my 12th House and Jupiter in Virgo next month) and then BOOM (or, shhh) fast moving planets populating my 12th House now – Sun and Mercury and soon Mars.

Well, it’ll pass. Venus will leave Leo. Jupiter will leave Leo. All the others will leave Leo and Virgo Season for us Virgo Risings will bring something new. The First House of the zodiac wheel = new beginnings, creativity.

"venus in leo retrograde"As for everyone else: well everyone else has their Leo House somewhere else and there is this dance going on, this back and forth, these delays and stalemates and switcheroos and uncertainty for many, especially concerning Venus matters, matters of the heart and heart chakra and wallet chakra 😉

Want me to draw another card? I’d like to. For you. 

OH MY. Two of Swords. AND I was just talking about delays and stalemates but you know what? It’s okay not to know. It’s okay not to do. It’s okay to be still and find your balance. Stay right there. Get the decaf. I feel like this card especially speaks to balancing the mind (Swords). Fear not. Find your center of strength. You aren’t the person you were last year or even last month. This strength? It’s in your kishkas. You know where your kishkas are, right? 🙂 YOUR GUTS.

Do you have them? Guts? Virgo rules the intestines. I know I know I know it’s LEO SEASON and we are supposed to be primping and priming and curling and voguing and DIVA and big hearted love and courage but I’ve got my eyes on the future prize: Jupiter in Virgo, North Node in Virgo and what that’s going to mean for us all, come fall…