Uranus By Transit: Girl Interrupted

I will not choose safety I will not choose safety I will not choose safety.

I tell myself this when I feel like I’m dying inside.

No, honey, we won’t let you. I hear this in my head too.

Yeah you heard me right. The transits talk to me sometimes 😉

I have Sun, Mercury, Mars in sweet and crusty Cancer and transiting Uranus is in God of War ARIES.

Now, I need to check the degrees again but Uranus WILL go direct in December, inconjunct my Virgo Ascendentadjustment is needed — but think about that one.

Uranus, the unfettered, unpredictable, the wild, the brilliant streak across the lightening sky, pain or bliss or both, but both guarantee you are ALIVE– in loosey goosey aspect to how I see the world and how the world sees me. What kind of funhouse mirror is this?

Ladies and gentlemen, break glass in case of emergency.

And then in 2014 I begin my Uranus Sun square. Enter new fun house mirror.

I realize this blog post is all ME ME ME ME ME ME ME but Uranus is in ARIES, my friends. Selfish. Which is not always a bad thing.

Uranus does not sympathize, does not coddle, does not ask permission.  Although you could think of Uranus as a great big jungle cat with a baby cub in her mouth, moving the cub from HERE to THERE for whatever reason (trust the wisdom of the mother) often because there is danger ahead if extraordinary measures are not taken. But we don’t FEEL that. All we feel is: WTF WHERE DID MY LIFE GO WHERE DID THAT STAGNANT PIECE OF SHIT I CALLED A LIFE GO.

I will not choose safety, I think to myself.

You won’t have a chance, says Uranus.

What transits are you watching? 

Love, MP


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