Up In The Sky: Mercury Opposition Pluto And The July Eclipse

"Mercury in Cancer"
Tarot Tree of Life

Mercury Pluto: dark words, deathly words, transforming words, healing words, words from the underworld. Words words words.

Today I went in search of the light, under a dark sky, Mercury opposition Pluto. An old friend’s daughter’s graduation and then a meal at their apartment. Hadn’t been there in… months? Leftovers from last night’s supper and good weather and leftover wine and the best conversation, exactly what I needed.

This friend is religious, Orthodox, deeply mystical, deeply… deep. And I’d been thinking about learning Kabbalah again. I have some background in it (from the religious perspective) and my astrology teacher used Kabbalah in his tarot and in his astrology. Lately, as I’ve started doing readings more, I’ve yearned to return to it.

So I asked my friend to explain a certain term for me and she embarked on a two-hour class. I took notes, asked questions. Her brainy teenage daughter was amused. This friend, a Sagittarius Sun with a helping of Scorpio is the right blend of philosophical and penetrating. And Taurus Moon eyes.

When we were finished, I felt lighter. My soul felt lighter, elevated. Even as I went to the main drag and the corner store to buy my mayonnaise and my pickles… yes… elevated. And I hadn’t thought of this before but it seems now the perfect tribute to Mercury Pluto: penetrating thoughts, intense wisdom.

I love that Isabel Hickey talks about grace when she talks about Pluto. Grace as opposed to karma. Light as opposed to darkness. Wisdom instead of struggle. Illumination, not obsession.

With Mercury in opposition to Pluto in today’s sky, it’s a great day to save lives. And souls. Save them with words, with thoughts, with your hands. Pluto is nothing if not the surgeon who cuts but also sews up the matter. 

Where is your natal Pluto? Where is your transiting Pluto? What will you oppose? What will you surrender? Submission, says Hickey, is also Pluto. And, really, what choice do we have, when faced with a Pluto transit?

We are still in eclipse season, and there’s one more trick in the great magician’s bag. Mercury, our first brave planet into Cancer reminds us of this next New Moon, the Solar Eclipse, and the changes that will enter our lives, like guests, welcome or unwelcome. What will you do? Set a place at the table? Or bar the door? Dear Fellow Stargazers, here… we… go…

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