Understanding Jupiter: MoonPluto’s Summer Session!

"jupiter in virgo" Jupiter expands what it touches!

Any astrology lover knows this phrase!

Well, Jupiter is changing signs NEXT MONTH and I think it’s time to talk about it 🙂
and talk about it.
(Have you ever known a quiet Sag?) 😉

So let’s talk, my friends, about Jupiter, about Jupiter in Virgo, about Jupiter in Virgo in YOUR chart, and your natal Jupiter as well. AND TAROT draws for all. In what area(s) of life will you expand this upcoming Jupiter year? Where were you the last time Jupiter was in Virgo??

ALSO: WHAT IS VIRGO? A topic that is near and dear to my heart. And if you are a VERY VIRGO PERSON (or an anti-Virgo) how will you handle this INCREASE (notice all caps!) of Virgo energy IN THE WORLD??? Can you handle it? 🙂

Take heart, my doves. Jupiter in Virgo doesn’t have to increase your worry. It can increase (as I wrote in my blog post yesterday) your loving attention to detail. (Emphasis on the LOVE. The highest vibration there is.)

As usual, my classes take place in a friendly secret Facebook group. I’m still working on the start-date. Definitely by early August but possibly last week of July. $100 by PayPal. Three weeks. If you have questions about the format of my classes, or any other questions, do email me moonpluto@gmail.

My classes are discussion-based (and participate/learn at your own pace) but lurking is fine too 🙂