Two-Timing Tarot!

"full moon in scorpio"

I am a fan of the Rider Waite deck. It’s what I use for readings but in the past 24 hours I’ve been playing with the Connolly deck.

Gave myself a couple of readings but haven’t used the deck for anyone else and let me tell you… this deck is stark! The images throw me even though I think some of them are supposedly “softer” right? I’m just fascinated at the moment.

I think… these cards are speaking to me and… possibly more straightforwardly than RW… Maybe I’m changing in how I Read… Maybe RW has become too familiar and I need a break.

And if I can’t tell from the image right away what card it is, then I count the symbol (i.e. how many Pentacles is that? How many wands? ) and then I remember the image from the RW. And I go Huh? And then I go Hmmmmmmm….

I particularly love the purply-blue Swords (!) cards in this deck which is ironic because the Swords cards have the most pain in them (although I do love seeing the 6 of Swords). This rendition of that card though… feels like rushing towards the better times whereas Rider Waite the movement seems slower but steady.

Do you play with other decks? Do you have a go-to favorite? 


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