Two Testimonials!

I love my clients because they send me awesome stuff like this ūüôā (Sorry about the lousy formatting on this post. I cut and pasted it from my email…)


Good Morning MoonPluto!!
So this is odd I think: I had a dream about you last night.
It was very strange because you were in so many scenes. I remember quite a bit of it. What really sticks out is how soothing you were to me.  
I had burns on my face¬†they were so bad that literally¬†the one side was disfigured, I¬†didn’t¬†even want to look in the mirror. We were sitting in a bathroom at Disney world of all places¬†at a Toy Story¬†exhibit.¬†I was applying¬†ointment¬†to the burns looking in the mirror so¬†devastated¬†that this was my face. You were talking to me about your mother and what she would say to me. And it was something along the lines the beauty you have within will shine through.
After the talk I walked out of the bathroom feeling confident and not wanting to hide my face. My family were all waiting for me including my grandparents who are both deceased. It was so surreal.
I do read your blog everyday and have had readings which have given me clarity and the kick I needed to get in the right direction.
Now¬†you’re¬†counseling in my dreams, what do you charge for that?¬†LOL!
Thank you for sharing your gifts,¬†obviously your words offer me comfort in the times that I need it.”
And this one from another sweet pea:
“I’ve read your reading many times and butterflies of excitement flutter wildly every time. ¬†I’ve said this before – your energy and readings render me speechless, because you speak to a deep, inner place many people do not connect or tune into. ¬†Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU.”¬†
Thank you too ūüôā
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