Two Stories & Libra This Week (A Day Late)

I do things that scare me all the time. Life requires bravery on a daily basis.

Do you feel this way too?

Recently my ability to handle myself in an emergency was questioned and I got pissed off. (Hello Mars!)

Hyper-vigilance. My life IS an emergency. I’ve been handling emergency for 43 years. I am the fire station; I am the national guard; I am however I feel at any given moment (Cancer stellium thank you very much) but beneath that is SOLID.


And now a story about the Chiron Dog woman (she knows who she is) who takes in survivors of various species (often they show up unannounced) and rescue dogs in particular and is wondering how to dissolve (Neptune) their trauma.

I noticed Mercury retrograde in Scorpio will conjoin her 2nd House Neptune in Scorpio (rebirth) and how this isn’t about income for her, not about earning, but increasing HER (quite literally) increasing her wealth i.e. her light in the world and isn’t that what we are anyway.

The 2nd House = what is meaningful to you as well as what you WANT TO INCREASE, get more of, hoard. Sometimes even IN A GOOD WAY.

Whose lives do you save? What do you value? 


This week the Sun in Libra is competing with Pluto and Uranus (and include the Jupiter opposition too if you want). And then on Friday the Libra New Moon drops a cherry on this bomb of a cake. UNSETTLING is the word we keep using in MoonPlutoLand.

You want advice right? Keep the peace. Wait it out. No Devil’s Advocate needed. Don’t force it.

With this much stressed out Libra energy, appearances matter. Comb your hair. Fix your face. The mask matters. The last video I put up on youtube was a quick one about masks and how masks are revelations. We can become more ourselves when behind one.

And another thought: Libra over the next two weeks is in three parts.

Part One is this week. Sun square Pluto. Sun opposing Uranus. Crisis or no crisis: you may feel scared shitless anyway. Moon’s in Virgo today. Details bring you peace. And a Libran question: what’s love got to do with it?

And then Part Two: New Moon in Libra doing what the Sun did. Tattletale or beautiful echo. MAKE A FUCKING WISH says Sun in Libra caught in the crosshairs smiling sweetly.

And then Part Three: Sun in Libra squaring Jupiter in Cancer. This is confirmation. That New Moon wish of yours has great legs.

What’s happening in your world? 

Love, MP


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