Two Astrologers, Three Opinions

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Today's Cover Girl Theda Bara had Sun in Leo!

This morning, a pal on Twitter asked my opinion about a minor aspect in chart comparison. I was my often cranky self and I told him: sometimes astrologers miss what’s right in front of them.

And yeah he did go on to tell me about a Saturn square and a Mercury square in this chart comparison.

I also told him that as a Sagittarius Sun he was looking for the silver lining (and was that really a good idea?). With Saturn in Libra: we need reality not fantasy in our relationships. We will HAVE reality not fantasy.

What good will a quintile do (for example) or a whole fucking family of quintiles or septiles or bi-quintiles when the major aspects tell a different story. You want real synastry? Look at the Moon, look at Mercury, look at Saturn. If you can’t talk and be heard in your relationship, how is a flock of fuzzy horn-nosed rabbits gonna help you? Yes, I am hereby introducing the minor 10th aspect, the fuzzy horn-nosed-rabbit. It’s thought to be malefic but is actually benefic and is striped on Saturdays and polka-dotted on Tuesdays ๐Ÿ˜‰

Bottom line: there are different astrologers out there, like anything else. It’s not one size fits all. Find the teacher who fits you.

Interesting: a client was telling me the other day that he disliked a certain reader because all they did basically was recite his ย personality characteristics. You won’t ever find me doing that because I suck at doing that. I have a poetic mind meaning it works by association. I see patterns, how stuff locks in, fits together. I’ve got my gut instinct, intuition, and the nuts and bolts of what I’ve learned, and I keep learning.

This is like a reverse advertisement, but if you are looking for an expert in the minor aspects and fixed stars, it ain’t me. Maybe someday I’ll change. Maybe I’ll wake up one morning and feel otherwise. But for now, I do what I do, I do all I can do, I do my best. So there ๐Ÿ™‚

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