Twin Flames, Part Two

"new moon in sagittarius"So I continued to watch more Twin Flame videos today (on the YOUTUBE) trying to get a handle on what people actually mean and this includes twin flame vs soul mate vs life partner!

And so far I’ve discovered that the Twin Flame is YOU but also your other half. And then when they start talking about vibrations and polarities and ascension, I get a little lost (although fascinated) Suffice to say it’s a dream. I don’t mean “not true” but it’s a dream. A dream that you aren’t alone. Which could be a dream come true for many of us.

I started to think about my own beliefs and my own life: Do I believe in this concept? Do I have a Twin Flame?  How much does it matter to me?

Think about how un-lonely your life could be. Partner + Soul Mate(s) + Twin Flame,  that you have more than one sacred relationship.

Your thoughts? 



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