Tuesday Night Astrology

Just home from meditation class and the Boyfriend calls. He’s teasing me. Yet again. Wanting to know how long I’ve been going to my meditation class (years) and why I haven’t learned it yet. He likes to tease me. And I like to answer earnestly. “Meditation is a process,” I begin. And it’s not only the meditation itself, but the community. I’ve made friends there. 11th House, anyone?

And my 11th House is Cancer so I’m quiet (remember, we’re meditating) in the group. And then afterwards, a bunch of us always go out to dinner. I laugh more on Tuesday nights than any other night of the week. Do you have a busy 11th House too? Which houses of yours have crowds? Which are empty? 

Roll call of planets: finally the Moon is in Virgo, Sun and Mercury in Gemini, Venus and Mars in Taurus, with Venus heading to Gemini first, Jupiter newly in Taurus, and the others are… still moving slowly across the skies. Summer is almost here. Do you feel the difference? Gemini, Cancer, Leo…

I hope you are enjoying the Moon in Virgo, whatever time it is, wherever you are, reading this. Keep in mind next week’s eclipse in Sagittarius and find the Sadge house in your chart. This is a lunar eclipse, full moon: an emotional 24 degrees of pure… well… find your chart, find the house, find the aspects, and then you’ll know!

Note to self: good aspects count double!

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