Tuesday Night Astrology And The Grand Trine In Earth

"grand trine in earth"

Still not used to the time change.

Waking up late, going to sleep late, my body is all confused and more sunlight does not fill me with cheer. I find it strange.

All these months it’s been one way and all of a sudden: CHANGE! Takes time to adjust and maybe that’s why I’m writing now. Maybe you are adjusting to the time change too.

And in case you are wondering, 9 is the number of the day. Venus, Jupiter, Mars, Pluto all at 9 degrees in earth signs — Venus and Jupiter in Taurus, Mars in Virgo, retrograde, Pluto in Capricorn. Mercury is retrograde and the Moon is in Sagittarius. Where’s the party? 

I decide to pull three Tarot cards because I feel as though… my own energy isn’t matching the sky. The sky appears, to me, to be harmonious. The Grand Trine can’t be ignored. Mercury is wobbly I know, But the Moon is in Sag! And yet something feels off, cockeyed.

This is what showed up for me:

Ace of Wands: new beginning, inspiration, strong fire.

The Hanged Man: the wait. Be patient.

And the Moon: your fears *are* your own. It’s not the energy out there. It’s you. Take comfort. Soothe the fears is what these cards are telling me. Light a candle. And stop… twisting around. Hang like the hanged man.

One more for good luck? Ten of Pentacles.


When I pull a good card like this, I try to resist the urge to pull another but it’s like… trying to stop a story from being told. So I pulled a few more…

How are you feeling? Do you tempt the Tarot? 


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