Tuesday Morning Astrology: Moon In Aries!

"uranus square pluto"

Good Morning from the Big City!

Or whatever time it is where you are 🙂

Up early today and it’s cloudy out, the birds are chirping, the tree branches are swaying just a little, the quadruple Taurus isn’t awake yet (of course!) and won’t be for hours now.

The cats are on the windowsill in the kitchen and I am the happy genius of my household (to quote William Carlos Williams).

I like to write before I do anything. Sometimes even before I get my coffee or tea. 🙂

And if I can swing it, definitely before I begin the day’s readings or catching up with people. It empties my head. It shifts my emotional energy, the emotional energy coming out through my fingers as I type. I have a mutual reception in Virgo/Cancer: Mercury in Cancer, Moon in Virgo.

Is there anything that *you* need to do first? Anything that… brings you back into the world? Or brings you to yourself again after a night of sleep or… just as a transition? 


When I sat down at the computer and opened up my browser and Facebook, a message from a friend popped up. He had had a vivd dream about me and it wasn’t a spooky dream at all but had that vaguely disorienting quality that dreams have. He was introducing me (with his partner) to some friends of his…

The Moon is now in the early degrees of Aries and this friend of mine is Sun Venus conjunct in Aries. I can’t remember his chart but yeah I wouldn’t be surprised (I should ask him!) if transiting Uranus is in orb of his stuff, squared by Pluto and now squared by Mercury in Cancer as well. And I’m a Cancer and so is his partner.

And actually Mercury is exact now in trine to Chrion and one degree past the Uranus Pluto mess.

Talk about what’s bothering you. It will help. And talk about it in Cancerian ways: sensitively and poetically. Others will hear. Share your dreams


Someone in the comments was mentioning how everyone was all up in arms about Uranus Pluto and I know what she means/meant. I’ve been writing about it too but I wasn’t necessarily feeling doom and end of days. I remember (was it last year? or the year before) some tsquare or grand cross in the summer and people flipping out and worrying and bottom line is that okay Uranus and Pluto in square can definitely be the compulsion to destroy but WHAT if these two dudes are getting fabulous aspects in YOUR chart? It changes things, doesn’t it? It does.

When looking at collective energy vs your own? Your own is the priority, in my humble opinion.

These days I’ve got EXACTITUDE in my chart. It’s a little eerie to me. Neptune exactly ON my North Node. Chiron exactly ON my descendent (ow!) which is a very “I think I’ll just go back to bed” kind of transit!

Uranus getting closer to my Chiron (not exact yet).

But we feel these things the MOST as they approach. I think by the time they are exact we’ve already…. DONE IT.

We’ve left, we’ve changed, the energy has shifted into the New Life.


Yesterday, looking at someone’s chart and noticing the big changes to come, many of the slow movers getting ready to enter new houses and some astrologers believe the person won’t feel this until a natal planet is actually aspected but I do put emphasis on the houses (even though house systems may change things or birth times could be wrong so we do have variables here…) but it’s fascinating to see a chart and… you CAN see the future. You know what the person will be dealing with, at least broadly. That when you see Saturn heading to their 10th? Career/work and home. There will likely be a crunch and then an emergence and then a crystallization and then…


Good morning, good morning, good morning all 🙂

What’s happening in your world?

Love, MP

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