Trust No One: Pluto Opposition Sun

"pluto opposition sun" When Pluto opposes your Sun, you become the criminal.

So the question becomes: how do you act, behave, now?

You must get smart. Do you have to become a “bad” person? Not exactly. But you do have to change. Acknowledge your shadow but it’s more than simple acknowledgement.

You can’t behave in the same ways. You can’t continue to be so open. Study the manipulative people in your life. They’ll show you how it’s done. Things you’d never dream of doing. I don’t mean to break your own ethics or morality. Or am I? You have to blend your sweet Sun sign with a killer (instinct) now to prevent being destroyed. You will be falsely accused and you’ll have to figure out how to precede, case by case.

And yes there will be even more ethical questions when Jupiter is in Virgo trining Pluto in Capricorn making things “easier.”

You may be asked to lie, to bear falsely, to play the game, to see the criminal in you, to play the game, the very games you despise and you good boys and girls may have a hard time with this, a very hard time with this OR you may discover it’s not hard for you at all (which may be shocking).

Because Pluto is not about justice. Pluto is about power. Learn from the people around you who get what they want with minimal effort. They usually are getting it on someone’s back. There is some work they are not doing. Someone is being used. Someone is making it easier for them.

Up until now it’s been child’s play… in terms of the person you need to become.


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