Kabbalah Tree of Life Study: Now Taking Students

What I posted on my Facebook: 

I have decided to start taking private students for Tree of Life (Kabbalah) study.

I’ve never been willing to offer this before, but the time is right.
People are asking me about it.

So I offered this to one person and am now offering it to others as well…
I know her a bit and have worked with her before. I trust her.

I bring a Jewish mystical perspective but then ALSO as it applies to the Tarot (and possibly astrology as well but one thing at a time)

And my OWN personal way of using it in readings which I may or may not share. Those are the trade secrets! 🙂

But know this – we are just scratching the surface and this is sacred learning.

Sure I love Tarot, I love astrology yes yes yes both are my life but THIS?

And I probably won’t take on everyone who asks. I have to feel you are ready and that we are a good fit.

First round would be going sphere by sphere on the Tree of Life. The Sefirot. I call them portals 🙂 And their interaction. That’s where we would start. With option to continue your studies. An overview and sphere by sphere would be first.

You can apply to be my student in this and I will come up with what I consider a fair price (ETA: the price of the 6-hour teaching bundle is what I’ve decided on.)

This study is endless so… have to be practical and break it down to what I think would be most helpful for you and do-able.

You will not master the tree of life in six hours; no one masters the tree of life in a single life time, but I’m ready now to begin sharing some of this material

So folks definitely have the option to go deeper and deeper but six hours to start to explore the ten sefirot plus an overview/introduction.

Price is listed here on my site.
I cannot lower the price. It is what it is and for serious students only.
And I cannot take everyone who asks.

I will draw cards for each person to determine whether it’s right.

Definitely message me if you have questions moonpluto@gmail 
xoxo"tree of life kabbalah"