Traveling Through Time For The Full Moon In Virgo

Last night I started watching a Stephen Hawking documentary about time travel. Whether it’s possible. To travel to the past. To travel to the future.

I feel like we do this all the time already 🙂 But I know he didn’t mean Saturn retrograde and Mercury retrograde as forms of time travel.

We have a Full Moon in Virgo on Monday.

Virgo is concerned with right here, right now, the present moment, the present worry. Virgo gets obsessed with the present moment, how to fix it and make it better. They *know* by doing.

Pisces. on the other hand, Virgo’s opposite, just believes. They aren’t bothered by reality. Or the lack of it. In the words of Isabel Hickey, “Neptune rules the next dimension, the astral plane, and finds it difficult to be earth bound.”

Isn’t this our Pisces Season? This problem? That we keep trying to solve our so-called problems with reasonable Virgo minds? It’s Pisces Season, people. We can’t solve anything with Virgo. At least not right now. We have to go higher.

So this Full Moon is showing you, ultimately, the balance you need between your so–called practicality (Full Moon, full light on the reality of the situation) and what can BE. Fewer limits than how you’ve been living. That you can have more than your little Virgo mind and your little Virgo room and your little Virgo worries and your little Virgo problems. Virgo makes things small by analyzing, cutting into pieces. Pisces Season comes along and says stop that. There’s more. There’s a lot more.

Heavy objects make time slow down. I learned this from Stephen Hawking too last night. We don’t usually think of Virgo as heavy because she’s Mercury fast mind but all the typical Virgoan criticism (of self and others) and negativity add heavy. Like feet stuck in concrete. You can’t move forward. You limit yourself. What is moving forward if not time travel.

So we’ve got a Full Moon in the ways you hold yourself back (fears, the past) and a New Moon next month in Pisces, which is where you’re going but you have to let it happen, believe there is a wormhole that you *can* walk through. This is what The Magician card is all about. Creation.

(PS this post is not meant to be anti-Virgo. Just trying to explain the reason for the season)


The Landscape:

On a Full Moon we have a Sun-Moon opposition. Oppositions are see-saws. Unbalanced. We must make peace between them.

Sun in Pisces, Moon in Virgo. The Moon also opposes Neptune and Chiron and I’m going to take the positive view here. Healing is possible. Full Moon in Virgo is showing you how (if you analyze – Virgoize – the houses where this is happening in your chart).

The North Node will be at 20 degrees Scorpio. Mercury retrograde at 19 degrees Pisces. Mars at 17 Pisces. This is a trine and especially good for mid-degree water signs, especially Cancer. The sky is generally supportive.

Always keep the North Node in mind. Keep returning your focus there in general. For me it’s my 3rd House, my immediate environment. What needs to be taken care of there, practically.

The Full Moon sextiles Saturn in Scorpio and trines Pluto in Capricorn. This is even more support.

The tricky part here is Jupiter but… it’s still Jupiter (luck, abundance).

Jupiter expands what it touches. Jupiter makes things big. Jupiter can make you feel overwhelmed. Jupiter, they say, leads to excess and indulgence. With a smile on your face. Promises that aren’t kept but you’re too high (on life?) to care. Until the morning after.

Sagittarius is the “empty leg” of the tsquare (between Moon, Sun, Neptune, Chiron, and Jupiter) so I believe the solution is found in big-picture thinking but the key is that… the solutions are brand new. Nothing you’ve ever thought of before, not even close. You must empty, you must free, your mind. You won’t find the answer in Jupiter in Gemini unnecessary “facts” nor in the Virgo/Pisces polarity of  cleanliness vs Godliness. There is this wide open space waiting for you. You must find the wormhole. The Sagittarius wormhole 🙂 And go through.


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