Transiting Venus Through My 8th House

"transiting venus in the 8th house"

I am not a beautiful woman. I am the Invisible Woman. Or it’s that I’m beautiful but no one sees it. Or that I don’t see it. Venus in the 12th House.

Yes I know YMMV with such an aspect but this blog post reflects *my* experience. Venus is beauty. The 12th is hidden.

But wait — there’s more!

What I don’t have in beauty I have in ENERGY. Remember when I was talking about people staring at me on the subway. Or when I walk down the street. Or when I’m walking behind someone…

And a couple weeks ago I met a new pal and he called it “determination” that he could feel: Pluto in the 1st House. 

Well, with transiting Venus in my 8th, it all changes. It shifts it. People are still looking but differently. It’s sexual/attracted/interested but… not threatening. The 8th House is a lot of things and one of the things it is IS a relationship house — it pulls people in. People you want, people you don’t want. But this transit, despite yesterday’s dramarama, is making me a delectable morsel. Aries on the 8th means that Mars (sex) rules my sex house and Venus is visiting, softening some of the intensity and beautifying it. 

And I can tell you this for sure: if you pay attention, you can perceive the differences as Venus transits your houses. In this part of the chart, my Venus is OUT IN THE WORLD rather than hidden.

PS I am a huge Rihanna fan (fell in love with her music at the gym!) and she has Moon Venus in Aries. 

What’s your theory of YOUR Venus? 


Yes, I am doing Mini-Moon Readings for the New Moon in Pisces!

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