Transiting Saturn Through My 2nd House And The End Of Depression

"saturn transit through the second house"

I was reading an awesome astrology book on the subway and it was interesting because my experience of transiting Saturn through my 2nd House is not what the “textbooks” describe.

Or it’s that I took the Saturn challenge. Learned from my mistakes. Especially learned from Saturn in Cancer some years ago, conjunct my stellium there. Not that I ever considered the choices I made as mistakes but… my younger self.

I remember feeling quite a bit of fear at first. Things ended but I truly began something too. This blog. It is a die trying transit for me. Aliza makes a living. Finally. After all these years of Neptune in my 6th House which is a transit I probably should analyze now.

You really have to pick your battles in this life. There were some things I tried for years and it was closed door after closed door. Things that I believed were my destiny. But when I paid closer attention to some things in my chart and watched for signs and listened for signs and paid attention to the transits and stayed in the light, I changed my life.

So I let one battle go and there’s another one I’m working on…

My astrology teacher would tell us that if you spent, say, the first half of your life totally career focused and ignoring your personal life, then your personal life was going to be your focus for the second half. You would have to reckon with what you pushed underground. Sounds like a Pluto transit to me…

And I would say the first half of my life I was solely focused on creativity, my writing, trying to get somewhere with it. Got my M.F.A.

And also focused on healing i.e. mental health — my depression, anxiety, PTSD, the horrors of… not being anywhere near what I hoped my destiny was or who I thought I was or was going to be. Did this life have no purpose at all?

My relationships weren’t about partnering. I don’t know what they were about except… confusion and the search for structure.

It’s funny. Well, not funny but… I’ve been lamenting that I always lose my teachers. Natal Saturn in my 9th House. Saturn is many things and loss is one of them. Lost parents, lost teachers, lost elders. I lost and I lost and I lost until I became the elder.

Okay! Enough ruminating for one night! The Sun is in Aries! Let’s MOVE! At least to the kitchen and make some dinner 🙂

Do your experiences match what the books say?


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