Transiting Pluto Through The 4th House: A Letter

Madonna has Pluto, Mercury, Moon conjunct in Virgo

Dear Pluto:

You really showed me.

In the early years of your transit, I moved a million times. Sometimes every year when I was in college. In the middle of your transit, I lost both my parents, a few years apart. And before age 30, my traumas came up for review. They just wouldn’t stay buried. And towards the end of your stay, under your square to my natal Pluto, and as Jupiter was also transiting my 4th, I found astrology. Thank you. Finally, I knew your name.

Sometimes I think about your dual nature (as Isabel Hickey puts it), how you consecrate, not just desecrate but bottom line is this: we don’t ask for your transits. We suffer them. We change. You force yourself on us for years and when it’s over? We feel, as Madonna sings, “like a Virgin,” but a Virgin who’s been raped by God.

Now, Pluto, of course you may have a different experience of yourself than we have of you. Maybe you have a sense of humor.

All I know is I wish you’d take off that helmet that renders you invisible and let us see your eyes. Then again, we already do, we see you in our lives, the Great Purger, death, literal or of the soul, shaking things up like a chorus line in hell.

Listen: my job is to feel you and explain you and I intend to, whether or not I get it right. As you enter and build a nest in my 5th House, I will document, I will continue to document your mystery, your shit, your profound need to take away what we are not prepared to lose.

‘Til Death Do Us Part.


Moon Pluto

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