Transiting Pluto: Full Slow Speed Ahead

"new moon in aries"

The idea that you will find peace in the house where Pluto is currently transiting…  after he leaves that house.

Crisis, power struggle, mystery, death: today’s Pluto keywords.

“Earn” is more a Saturn word than a Pluto word but I wonder if I will have earned a peaceful home and he’s on the edge now, on the cusp. He’s looking back but I’m slamming the door. Goodbye Pluto goodbye. 

No. It’s not that we earn it. It’s that he FINISHES. Should be a rite of passage. Pluto parties.

He’s heading to new undiscovered land, my empty 5th House. Oh. Wait. My Vertex is there but in Aquarius.

Have at it, I say. Have at it.

I check my ephemeris for the retrograde. He’ll go back to 6 degrees but then it’s full slow speed ahead.

Where’s transiting Pluto in your chart?


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