Transiting Pluto And The Cancerian Challenge To Grow Up

"new moon in aries 2012"

This morning I was re-posting some blog posts from last year and a Twitter pal mentioned how she loved that kind of writing from me and it just goes to show… I’m busy lately. When you’re really busy, you have less time to feel, less time to feel intensely.

Or it could just be that things are — gasp — even in all their weirdness and unpredictability, that things are — gasp again — more stable.

Pluto in Capricorn is trine my Ascendent now. I am building. Saturn (Capricorn) rules foundations. I am building me (1st House/Ascendent) and building relationships – Pluto sextile my descendent.

And it made me think, made me wonder. Am I that much calmer? Than last year?

And yesterday while I was on the train I was planning a blog post that began “I have knowledge of death” due to my parents dying before my Saturn Return. That’s kind of intense isn’t it? And then I thought “Nah, won’t write about that…”

Cancerians do grow up, eventually.

And I realize that as Pluto finishes his trine to my Ascendent he prepares to oppose my Sun. Pluto will retrograde but with so few oppositions in my chart, I wonder who or what will come at me with this transit: Pluto people, Pluto experiences and situations.

Transits come to yank us out of… who we are and push us towards who we are supposed to become. Make sense? This journey? Think of it that way. Your journey, your story. What’s next? Who’s there? Can you imagine more mastery over your life than you have now?

Is transiting Pluto doing something interesting in your chart?


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