Transiting Mars Square Pluto

Mars is square my Pluto today, probably square a lot of your Plutos (hello Pluto in Virgo generation) and I’m sitting at a cafe waiting on a friend. Actually he’s gone to an appointment and I’m waiting for him to be done. Got my drink, got my food, Moon’s in Cancer.

I’m also on my iPad here and not sure how to save this as a draft, rather than publish it right away (using the WordPress app) so this will go up without a picture and perhaps not so edited.

Mars square Pluto is an aspect of violence but it starts on the inside and I (or you) can either workout like a mofo or start fights with my lover. I did both today.

And then I realized, and then I remembered: Mars is square my Pluto and technically still squaring my Moon. Emotional violence. Chaos. Angst. Stabby ragey.

Once I realized what I needed to do, which included not expecting him to do anything about my mood (despite his offering), I got out my kickboxing DVD and I kicked and I boxed and grunted. I screamed too. I never scream. I’ve written about The Scream before. Got one in me. Have a sore throat now. Midway through the workout, I poke my head out the door to make sure I haven’t alarmed the cats. Or him.

So that’s one way, one good way, to deal with this transit: it is energy. It is energy in your body. And it’s not neutral. It is hot, it is passionate, it is blood energy, and without expression i.e. if you stay cooped up in your warm apartment doing nothing to appease this angry god, you will suffer and cause those around you to suffer. Mars Pluto is a demanding bitch.

There’s a gal in my chat room with Mars in her natal 8th House and she’s a runner. 90 minutes a day? More? With an aspect like that, you HAVE to. I’d say any Mars Pluto combination (even the “good aspects”) will create energy in reserve that needs expulsion and you know what? There will be more. It will keep regenerating and the more you sit on it, the more you feel in danger of exploding.

Do you have a Mars Pluto aspect?

Love, MP

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