Topics In Synastry: Mars Saturn Opposition

"mars saturn opposition" Now THAT was a spectacular fire (I thought to myself) when we said goodbye. I said goodbye to someone. It wasn’t a real goodbye though. It was a brief goodbye. A fake. This is a personal tale yes. I know you like the personal stuff. And all morning I was thinking about Mars Saturn Mars Saturn Mars Saturn in HARD aspect, an opposition, and how exactly would it play out?

Of course I felt I understood the “negative” manifestation of it.
Restriction (Saturn). Control (Saturn). Suffocation (Saturn).

And then and then and then I had the revelation. What I realized was this:

His Saturn wasn’t all or wasn’t ONLY a stranglehold on my impulses. And perhaps not at all. Or, not always. Instead what it was doing was, what this Saturn, this Old Man Saturn was doing was… making me feel safe enough to be Mars.

Mars as the big kid. Saturn as Father/Parent/Hierophant/Emperor.

The whole world made sense to me then, everything.

Just now a gal in the chat room pulled the King of Cups for me. Emotional breakthrough, she said.

So I had made a spectacular fire. And then I blew the fire out. And then I decided okay I’ll light a match to see by and then it started growing growing growing growing again and that was when, when I took a breath, when I stopped, that I realized it — that Saturn can keep us safe.

We all read astrology. Anyone who reads here reads astrology. It’s something else entirely when the revelation comes through the blood, through lived experience.

What have you learned about Mars and Saturn together?