Too Soon For The Libra New Moon? Maybe, Baby

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Once again Burt is our Libra Moon CoverDude!

I’m obsessed with the Moon.

The Full Moon passes and already I’m thinking NEW NEW NEW. I realize this is too quick and that all the phases of the Moon are important and have meaning for us, BUT… I get distracted by the thrilling New and Full.

And, really, the next New Moon isn’t THAT far away. Wanna know where it’s gonna be? Or maybe you too are tracking the Moon. Ready? You guessed it! Libra! 4 degrees Libra to be precise.

And for me? It will conjunct my natal Uranus (exact) and trine my MC. Now my Uranus isn’t up to much in my chart and, well, that makes it up to quite a bit, according to astrologers. Some would say that energy runs wild, needs to be integrated. Yeah, just try tellin’ me what to do 😉

And you? Which planet of yours has the fewest aspects? Do you see it, feel it, in your life? 

Libra is going to be all the rage soon, the talk of the town, Venus first and then the Sun and then the New Moon. Libra themes will be everywhere. And of course the most interesting bit is Saturn in Libra who has hunkered down, direct, for the rest of the his stay.

It’s a funny thing about transits. When they apply it’s one kind of energy. When they are almost exact, like one degree away, the energy is different still. And then when finally EXACT? A new layer, a new level. I swear it works this way. And sometimes you get a combustion of good. Saturn, for example, may have you feeling blocked and fearful but I’m telling you if you are taking Saturn’s themes seriously, and working hard… you will benefit. Even at the moment of the exact (hard) transit. It’s like someone pointing a gun at you but the gun turns out to be fake. No bullets. Instead, flowers. Flowers of Saturn 😉

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