Too Much Pluto??

I never thought of myself as having a Big Mouth before. And I still don’t but an incident the other day got me thinking. Thinking about PLUTO and about shame and what is “okay” to talk about.

I was seeing a “healer” for a health situation I’m dealing with and I felt comfortable with her and all of a sudden whoo hoo I was TALKING. Wasn’t asking her to take the “role of a mental health professional” but… you know what I mean, right? I was “Just Talking.”

Her reaction later on though made me feel NOT safe. Did I have a therapist? Did I know she wasn’t qualified to give me advice? I wasn’t seeking advice really. I was kind of rambling. And this rambling of mine was evidence of, actually, a DEEP feeling of safety. It was actually a compliment to her skills.

I am a sensitive Cancer and took her comments in reaction to heart – and my shame came out. BIG. I felt tired and sad the rest of the afternoon. I realized I had reached HER boundary. Breached it.

If you, too, are a Pluto person, then you’ve probably experienced this before — with a friend, a lover, a doctor… when you realize you’ve said too much and they recoil. Too much Pluto. Taboo.


Moon void of course in Aquarius now. It’s a good day for catching up and pulling back. Less emotional, fewer storms. Energy building towards the Grand Sextile,which includes oppositions so… under the surface there be all kind of animals in the forest but today you can cruise control it.

Love, MP


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