Today’s Tarot: Out Of The Mind, Into The Body

Some of you know I’m obsessed with Jillian Michaels’ work-outs.

There’s rampant diabetes in my family and even with a moderate, healthy diet and a fairly active life, I’m heading in one direction if I don’t do something MORE.

My sugars were “normal” said my doctor after my (fasting) bloodtests but normal HIGH. Everything else? Perfect.

MOVE MORE she said.

Some months pass and I begin to have symptoms that another doctor speculates could be related to too much sugar in my diet. No, not ice cream and cake but… granola. Gluten-free bread. Other stuff which I cut out 10 days ago.

Sharing this because THIS is my life now. And if you are in the middle of or embarking upon or need encouragement with such a discipline, please share your experiences. My health/genetics demand I live my North Node 6th House. Daily routine, daily maintenance, self-improvement, health.

There is no escape from the North Node!

Exercise is also a great way to release pent up emotions, frustrations… 🙂 Baby steps.


So this morning my first plan was to exercise, after a little fuel and green tea but before that I pulled some Tarot for the gals (and our one guy) on the message board.

4 of Swords, Queen of Swords, Page of Pentacles. In that order.

As I type here I realize… HOW ATTACHED that Queen is to her Swords (to her neg-mind). Like she’s married to that fucking thing. I know some see this Queen as a power source and Queens do have authority but… this is the Queen I like to see the LEAST. She’s associated with mourning. No thanks! Been there, done that.

Rarely do I see the 4 of Swords as “bad” — context matters, but it can be taking a break, retreat, introspection, rest needed, sleep needed, pulling back and out and over. Meditation. Or simply not available. The party you are trying to reach has left the continent

And the Page of Pentacles is… I saw these cards as a progression. You move from flat on your back (4 of Swords) to sitting up but with your anger and your sharpness and your burning and your shards and you release it all, body-wise, and the Page is where you need to get to and also what will save you. Out of your mind (Swords/air) and into your body (Pentacles/earth). The Page is diligent. The Page is working on it.

It’s the Jillian Michaels tarot 😉

And you know what else about that little Page? He’s BRAVE. The 4 of Swords ain’t doing no jumping jacks. Or push-ups. And neither is the Queen of Swords. The Page is though. He’s rooted in the here and now, this body. Doesn’t have to be exercise though. But it is about your VITALITY.

There’s more to say on this topic, but I’ll let you mull it over 🙂

Got weekend plans? Moon in Sagittarius!

Love, MP

PS I looked up her chart the other day: Sun Jupiter in Aquarius, Moon Venus in CAPRICORN (if I remember correctly) MARS IN TAURUS!


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