Today’s Tarot: Empress + Waitress Medicine

"Jupiter in virgo" She’s back. I think I have become her now. Or a starting point. She first became important to me back in December — after a trauma, I had a reading. The reading had been scheduled beforehand and I kept the appointment. Seems strange to think about it now. My life cracked and then I went to Sunset Park the next day, early as usual and learned how to journey.

From my Facebook:

Waitress Medicine.
Jupiter in Virgo can make you feel small —
take your dream and put it in a box, analyze it to death.
Saturn in Sagittarius squaring Jupiter in Virgo won’t be much help with that – in fact it may double it, triple it –
My recommendation:
*serve* the dream or the desire. Define it and serve it.
To serve:
To attend to
To help
To be of use
Think of your dream or desire as requiring your help and that you are more than happy to help.
Not everyone is like this. Not everyone jumps to help. But Virgo people do. I do. And we must do — for Virgo Season, for Jupiter in Virgo, for the North Node moving to Virgo (this fall), for the Eclipse…
This is waitress medicine smile emoticon
Ask your dream, ask your desire: how can I help? what would help you today? what would feed you today?

Empress = sovereign. Your sovereignty. Make your plans FROM where you want to be.