Today’s Tarot – December 18th – Nine of Cups + The Holiness of Distraction

Maybe you missed a class that you wanted to take or you prefer 1:1 interaction, whatever the reason – I am again taking Tarot and Astrology students so let’s talk.

For the last year or so it was all about the classes. Now I want to return to individual instruction and mentoring. I’m happy to be doing this again!
You tell me what you want to learn. I’ll tell you what I have to teach. We’ll combine forces, create the lesson plan together.
My Reading bundles (consultations) are $340 for 4 hours.
That’s the least expensive one. I have three to choose from.
But my Teaching bundles are $340 for 6 hours. Yes it is less expensive because I’m not doing readings/psychic work although I am happy to look at your chart to see your aptitude for this metaphysical stuff 🙂 and yes I’m pretty much a witch coach whatever I do.
Message me. Moonpluto@gmail.
ALSO hour-long readings are $65 until further notice. I am planning to move in the early winter and this is my fundraiser 🙂 I was going to wait until January but people have been writing me so I’ve decided to start sooner. So this begins now and definitely into January MAYBE February. Will let you know xo.

Please do share the videos 🙂 they are getting more and more interesting