Today’s Sky: Venus Square Neptune

"venus square neptune"
The music of Michael Nyman is very Venus-Neptune, full of longing

So I gotta write about Venus square Neptune which is happening IN THE SKY today which means my own natal Venus square Neptune is getting triggered.


Sighing is VERY Venus square Neptune.

I also have Venus in the 12th house. I also have Neptune ruling my descendent.  It’s a pattern. Of confusion. And illusion. And delusion. And hoping for the best. And taking it on faith. And waiting. And hoping. And pining. And suffering. And martyring.  And… not much else.  Potential mates who have reality-problems LOVE a girl like me. Because they live in Potential-Land, rather than the dirty kitchen of Real Life Relating.

On the upside, I have Venus sextile Jupiter but… in a sense… it only makes my maligned Venus EXPAND.

In short? I’m a fool. Venus square Neptune gets fooled by love. I may be a cute cuddly curly fool, but a fool nonetheless.

My Venus is conjunct Black Moon Lillith so I’m an angry fool at times. A loving fool (sextile Jupiter), a cold fool (square Saturn).  My Venus has more mood swings than a…

But there are ways to work with this energy, to face this energy. Like what? you ask. Besides suicide? Well, one can make art. One can make damn good art. One can make sensitive and moving and cathartic and beautiful and intense art.  For no money 😉

And one can choose to serve… someone or something or somewhere better than in Potential-Land. Overly Neptune types must invoke their Magic Virgo Powers to choose better, choose wisely.

Can it be done? I’ll let you know.

Do you have a Venus Neptune situation in your chart? 

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