Today’s Sky And Another Story For Mercury and Venus in Sagittarius

"mars in virgo"

Good Morning Stargazers!  Once again it’s a busy day for me in the Big City and it’s ironic — I had Lupa draw me some Tarot cards the other night and it talked about how I like/love/prefer to be busy, how it keeps the inner demons quiet.

Ironic to me because when I was a kid what I did more than anything was listen to music, watch soap operas, and fantasize. Guess I grew into my Virgo. Hmm. I know it’s more than that and I’ll have more to say about it… later!

In the meantime, I wonder if you feel busy too! The skies are busy this week/month: Neptune and Chiron stationing direct, the Full Moon in Taurus, Mars going into Virgo, and did you know that the eclipses are on their way?

It’s a lot of shifting energy. Not necessarily unstable, but… movement.  Movement in your life.

Last night I bought these two glass… I don’t know what to call them. Glass prisms? Crystals? I fell in love with them. Round, like mini crystal balls but faceted. Found them at a bookstore and thought I could use one or the other as a pendulum but what I’m doing with the smaller one now besides letting the light catch it is… using it as my hope. My hope beacon. My light of hope. My star. I hung it in the window and last night I woke up at 3:30 am and couldn’t back to sleep so fast. The same images that I usually used to get back to sleep, I can’t use anymore. That’s the movement in my life. What leaves and what comes in.

So I look at this crystal, this blue crystal in the widow, with its many sides, many facets, and I remember. No, it’s not that I even remember because this level of hope, this foundation of hope is NEW for me. So I remember… I remember that it is there. And I breathe. And I drink my coffee. And I sit down at the computer. And I prepare for the day.

Try it. If you are wrestling with anything and need to remember to look up or look ahead (perfect for Mercury and Venus in Sagittarius) put a sign, a symbol, a NEW ONE, where you can SEE IT. Make it tangible, physical, a ritual. Even if all you need to do is open your eyes.

Thanks everyone and have a beautiful day. And remember to look up.


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