Today’s Grand Trine In Earth And The Upcoming Mercury Retrograde

"mercury retrograde in sagittarius 2011"
mercury retrograde in sagittarius

Mars is at 4 degrees Virgo.  Jupiter is at 2 degrees Taurus. Pluto in Capricorn is at 5 degrees.  And today’s Moon in Virgo (yay!) is at 9 degrees at the moment.

How to work with earth? Especially Mars in Earth (Virgo)? By working! And because it’s a trine? It won’t feel so much like work!

As I was writing yesterday on the blog and on Twitter, I joined a gym, which truly is an earthy focus because it’s the body. It’s real.

Now Mars has entered Virgo for a long stay so the body, the physical, the tangible, the material, reality, the details will focus you.  Now Mercury Retrograde in Sagittarius will square our Virgo friend but I think this just adds another layer of fun. Yes, fun!  Earth vs fire. The body vs the idea. The detail vs the big picture. Mercury Retrograde in Sagittarius entertains! I think of a bear riding a unicycle backwards.


Mercury Retrograde in Sagittarius doesn’t mean the party is over… it just means a different kind of party. More introspective. Maybe quieter. Definitely weirder. And some funny Virgo in the corner making a list of all the ways to make the party better.

So whatever you DO is up to you. Your can just enjoy feeling more grounded, more bountiful. But if you crack open the window just a little, you will benefit from this easy peaceful pastoral feeling. Today could be an excellent day for a stroll in the park!

Grand Trine in Earth: Capricorn says build. Taurus says make it beautiful. And Virgo says… well Virgo worries about getting the job done but Virgo brings the magic to the project, all the little ways that keep the process moving.

Do you feel like a dancing bear? 

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